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If I were to pick any person/thing that I could be, I would pick Wade Wilson, a.k.a Deadpool. Deadpool is a Marvel anti-hero who got his abilities when the government said that they could cure the cancer that was spreading through his brain, liver, prostate, and lungs. The experiment was meant to give him extreme regeneration, but it ended up going overboard and the cancer cells also regenerated. This caused tumors and scars to appear all over his skin. This made him feel extreme pain but he did not die because of the rest of his cells also regenerated. This also caused him to basically be immortal as long as his head was connected to the rest of his body. This meant that if his head was cut off, he can still survive as long as
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He wears a red and black suit that covers his whole body and his head. There is no mouth opening in the mask. It is actually kind of similar to Spiderman’s mask except red and black in color. Deadpool also has an arsenal of weapons/ utilities covering his body and a magic satchel that has no limit to the amount of things put in it. He is usually shown with two katanas strapped to his back. Deadpool is very talkative and funny; he sometimes referred to as “The Merc with a Mouth”, meaning that he won’t shut up. His abilities are extreme accelerated healing factor, foreign chemical resistance, disease immunity, immortality, telepathic immunity, possession resistance, superhuman strength, superhuman reflexes, mastery of many martial arts, mastery of assassination, linguism, ability to break the fourth wall, and lastly, his unpredictability. Deadpool also has a very shaken mental state, which might be a reason why he can break the fourth wall. Breaking the fourth wall means that he knows that he is a fictional character in a comic book. In some parts of his story, he even communicates with his readers and creators.
A reason why I would like to be Deadpool is because of his overall power. He has a numerous amount of powerful abilities and skills. Many people would kill for that kind of strength. Deadpool has a long list of physical abilities that would be amazing to have in the real world. Also, it is virtually
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