Deadpool Vs Deathstroke Analysis

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Deadpool vs. Deathstroke (continued) In the blistering heat of the desert, these two skilled men who have trained their entire lives to kill are going to fight to the death. The assassin, Deathstroke is a very serious and quiet person who rarely shows any sign of humor and doesn't stop attacking until his target is eliminated. Deadpool on the other hand has a great sense of humor and can make a joke about anything anywhere at any time he doesn't stop attacking even if his enemy is dead. The two men face each other, staring seemingly through one another's mask. Deadpool, as always, speaks first "So, whats up Two Face. You trying to get to your funeral quicker? Because if that's the case I can get you coffin row seats." Just like normal Deathstroke is silent, all he does is strike with fury and strength at Deadpool severing his head in one blow. After that he says " That was too easy. Try to talk less next time." As Deathstroke walks away with a sense of pride for completing his mission, completely forgetting about Deadpool's regenerative abilities, Deadpool begins to grow a new head slowly. Within the minute Deadpool arises, in a sense already dead, and talks yet again. "Hey, you running away already? But we haven't even fought yet. And since we are on the subject, my turn." Deadpool ran toward Deathstroke, who had been blinded by his arrogance had only just now begun to turn, and stabbed him in the back with his katana shattering his spine. Deathstroke screams in agony and stands, healing slowly. when he finally gets back up, he picks up his machine gun and shoots the katana multiple times splintering it instantly. Deadpool…show more content…
Deadpool: Yeah i did! How are you talkking to me? Deadpool: Uh i have a 6th sense. Duh don't you remember? i mean you did research me for like 30 minutes. Um I guess so but any way can i at least end my story? Deadpool: Fine I will just stay here with my Victory pancakes.
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