Deaf Again Reflection

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While reading Deaf Again, I couldn’t help from thinking, how I would have treated Mark through elementary school and high school. I was amazed when he said that he was so used to reading people’s lips and didn’t even notice he was deaf. I know that when I try to read people’s lips without hearing their voice it is very hard. It’s crazy how we take advantage of sound in our everyday lives as human beings. I know that I could not imagine not having the ability to hear sounds of the world. Anywhere from the birds in the morning to the leaves rustling and music all day long. In the book, it said that they don’t really care, because they have never known any different. There are times when the world is so much different through the eyes of others, then you thought. This can change your view of the world,…show more content…
Growing up in a small-town I was literally in a culture bubble. There were almost no deaf people. I just never had the opportunity to converse with someone who is deaf. As I was reading this book I noticed my internal motivation for learning ASL was changing. I now want to learn as much ASL as I possibly can, so I can chat with those I come in contact with that are deaf or hard of hearing. I never realized that St. George was such a big area in deaf individuals. I always saw it as a winter getaway and vacation spot, but for them, it is their lifetime home. In the book, I thought it was cool that he told the story about how his family treated him and it made him feel like an outsider and that he needed to change. I never want to be that hearing person that makes others feel like they aren’t worth it because they are deaf and they need to change. From now on my plan is to respect and encourage the deaf to be themselves and never push them to become something they are not. This book opened my eyes to the world outside of the bubble and I’m grateful for
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