Deaf Bible Observation

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I attended a deaf bible study that was ran through Calvary Chapel wildwood which is located in Yucaipa California on December 6th, 2015 I enjoyed observing the differences and similarities between the deaf community and what I experience during every day life. My first observation I noticed during the bible study is that the signing seemed to be very fast at times this made me feel lost but, it reminded me of how much I need to continue to learn American Sign Language. Although the gentlemen’s signing seemed to be expedited to me I noticed he signed very artfully as if he was painting a picture with his hands the beauty in his signing was very enjoyable to watch. Another observation I had was looking at the participants how excited they were…show more content…
This event was a deaf bible study that discussed Acts 4:32-37 “Sharing in All Things” the study discussed a story post Christ’s resurrection where the apostles did not take their possessions as their own but they considered them as a whole asset to the body of Christ. The apostles who owned land went and sold their land and possessions and share that money with each other this story illustrates that we need to share with each other and be selfless to help the body of Christ. The overall bible study was quite small as far as people who were actually at the bible study there was six people other than me and the deaf minster which had its benefits because it helped ease my anxiousness with signing people who are very experienced with using it. This actually was beneficial to me because after the bible study I was able to have one on one conversations with people who were kind to me they knew I was still learning American Sign Language. A women gave me some suggestions on how to improve my signing for she noticed that my hand position was a awkward position so she showed me where my hands should start along with reminding me that I need to be not as nervous just
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