Deaf Coffee Chat Experience

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Michelle Fletter had established the Deaf Coffee Chat at Stackbucks on March of 2010. The event is about people socializing and meeting new people by using sign languages. The event is a great way for hearing people who are learning sign language to better their skills to become good with the language. I am very grateful that my professor recommended me to the Deaf Coffee Chat because I would never have met wonderful people at the event. On March 10, 2017, I went to the Deaf Coffee Chat at Starbucks. This was my first time attending a deaf event. When I arrived at the event, I was little nervous because I had limited experience with sign language. My first encounter was Michelle, who is deaf and the host of the event. She introduced herself in sign language. After she introduced herself, I introduced myself to her in sign language. I told her that I am a student at the University of North Florida and learning ASL I. Also, I told her I…show more content…
One of the people I met was a woman named Kim. Kim goes to Florida State College at Jacksonville and her major is Art. She is taking ASL II and she loves exercising. Kim and I became friends at the event. She and I signed for 30 minutes; then I met Michelle's daughter Rebecca. She was 11 years old and was not deaf. She was very good in ASL. She taught me new signs such as major, yesterday, and a new way to sign Pensacola. I learned so much from Rebecca. Next, Kim and I met Brad and Dianna. Bray is a high school teacher and he's deaf. He told me his story about growing up as a deaf child. Also, he graduated from UNF three years ago. Dianna was an older student at UNF and taking ASL III. She can hear but has a hearing aid in her ear. She was teaching Kim and me some different signs which were very helpful. Also, Dianna was helping us to identify people at the event by describing the person's appearances. It was a fun experience and reminded me doing the activity in
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