Deaf Culture Myth Essay

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The myth that two deaf couples would have deaf children or that the Deaf cannot bear children was a prominent notion during Alexander Graham Bell’s time. However, his logic was flawed. About 90 percent of Deaf children have hearing parents, and deafness has to do with heredity or genes. Another myth is that deaf people cannot work. On the contrary, many Deaf people contributed during World War I and World War II.
By 1990, a bill called the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed that made it unlawful to discriminate against hiring someone because he or she is Deaf. Furthermore, it was believed that Deaf people could not serve on Jury Duty. That myth, however, was dispelled by Marcella M. Meyer. She had filed a civil lawsuit and won, hence
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As George W. Veditz stated, “There is but one known means of passing on the [ASL] language: through the use of moving picture films (51).” It has created a place for Deaf Culture to spread throughout America and more Deaf individuals to have access to literature that they would not have if it weren’t for the invention of the camera.
Video technology has made the audience more analytical and there was also an increase in ASL literacy. It enabled people to capture and preserve what once seemed short-lived. In relation, the printing press was of the same value to English Literature as it enabled it to become widespread. In Deaf Literature, the camera was used to preserve ASL and achieve permanence. However, there were drawbacks. As hearing people become masters of ASL, they may take over jobs that were traditionally for the Deaf people, hence an increase in competition for employment.
In learning about Deaf Culture, I have seen some norms that arise time and time again. One is that hearing people are usually more discreet about many subjects. In comparison, Deaf people are blunt and very open because of the fact that Deaf people often miss out on subtle information due to the way hearing people converse. Furthermore, Deaf people are usually more collective than
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