Deaf President Now Movement Analysis

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The Deaf President Now movement was one of the best things that happened to University, the movement helped the school and the students get a deaf president to lead them. The school has never had a deaf president ever since its been opened. The students of the university wanted a deaf president to lead them so bad they shut down the school until they could get a deaf president. Gallaudet University was the school where all the deaf students went, it was hard for a hard of hearing student to attend a hearing school. The deaf president now was the biggest thing for the deaf and still is unto this day. People to this day celebrate the DPN, Especially the students who shut down the school. Wouldn 't you feel accomplished if you were in their shoes?…show more content…
Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet was really big in Starting Gallaudet University it all started when he was playing and his brother and his sister were not playing with another child Thomas went up and tried to talk to the girl Alice but he didn’t know how to communicate with her so he grabbed his hat off of his head and wrote H-A-T in the dirt and she understood and he was inspired to teach other children. Since there were no schools for the deaf, Thomas traveled to England and operated with family schools of deaf students he tried to teach the kids to read lips but it was hard for them to understand. Finally Thomas Gallaudet taught Laurence clerk sign language, they then began to start a school in the year of 1817. When the DPN movement started most of the cops were not okay with the students barricading the school and crowding and screaming the streets. When Zinser was elected president three days of her presidential election she didn 't step one foot on campus. Zinser maintained bore no ill will against the protesters who advocated her resignation. Even though she never stepped foot on the campus during her three day term they still have a picture of her placed beside portraits of the past presidents. When I. King Jordan was young he was not born deaf he graduated high school and went to serve the U.S. Navy for 4 years Jordan became deaf at the age of 21 in a motorcycle accident without a helmet he was flung onto a windshield and suffered 2 skull fractures and a fractured jaw and a concussion, serving the nerves in one ear completely and damaging nerves in the other one. Jordan was serving as a dean at Gallaudet University when he was chosen as a candidate for the

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