Dealing With Adversity In Basketball

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Adversity The team stood sweating in need of a break and water. Our coach only called timeouts when necessary and when he called it, everyone on the team sighed. We all had a much needed break to rest our throbbing legs. The coach drew a play in the huddle for me to score the winning basket and felt extra focused. I blocked out everything to focus on this one chance to win. I cut away from the basket and when the opponent turned away, I cut back to the basket, obtained the ball, jumping in the air. As I let go of that winning shot, I sensed as if I was getting tackled. Indeed I was tackled, but there was no foul called and we lost the game. Coach always said that we learn more from losing than winning. Indeed, this is true. Basketball has taught me how to deal with adversity and the reward for the people who work hard.…show more content…
Life is fair, because it is unfair to everyone. When I clearly got fouled and no call was made, I was angry, sad, and ready to complain. Deep in my mind though, I knew that I had not been called for some fouls earlier in the game. So instead of complaining, I decided to channel my frustration for a better cause- to play better. This is important to do in any aspect of life. Pouting and self-pity is no use to anyone. For example, if someone is yelled at for a bad presentation, he should not sulk or hang his head. Instead, he should make sure his next presentation is the best one yet to impress his boss. When hardship comes up in basketball, and it will, I have made sure I am prepared. I have trained and will succeed when I get the chance
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