Dealing With Dragon Character Analysis

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In the novel, “Dealing with Dragons,” written by Patricia Wrede, Cimorene, the main princess, or character, left her kingdom and volunteered to work for a dragon, Kazul. She was told by many people, including her family, that she did “improper” things, considering the Medieval Time period. Cimorene was justified in ignoring the expected social norms of medieval society because she would be happier with her more adventurous and cheerful life, she would get to learn the interesting ways and life lessons about dragons, and she would have more freedom over herself, at least more than she had in her kingdom. Cimorene would enjoy a more adventurous life because, first of all, she was interested in activities that were considered “improper” and fun.…show more content…
For example, in the kingdom, if she were to go outside of the castle, she would have guards or accompaniers with her, and they would scold her on stuff that she did that was “unprincess-like,” while living with Kazul, she could go out on her own and do her own pleasurable things. Even though with guards, she would be more protected, Cimorene picked up a magical sword, so she would be able to protect herself from unknown entities. For example, “The sword stroke had been more effective then she had realized. The bird was dieing” (111) shows that Cimorene got into a bramble with a giant bird from the Enchanted Forest, and sucessfully, but accidentally, ended the birds life, but the princess did get three black feathers that would take her anywhere she wanted. Now, if she was in the kingdom, she would have never gotten the magical sword, nor gone to the Enchanted Forest adventure. In conclusion, Cimorene made the rightful decision in abandoning her modern day expectations and rules. From doing so, she gained an adventurous and cheerful life, learned lessons that could protect her and make her more knowledgeable, and gained lots more independence over herself and her doings. Although Cimorene was pressured into following “the crowd” around her, she pursued her own dreams and wishes. If Cimorene was to follow the Medieval Times norms, she would not be as happy with her life as she
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