Dear Dumb Diary Jamie Kie Character Analysis

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Main Character: Jamie Kelly is the main character in the book Dear Dumb Diary #7 she has an amazing personality that expresses herself throughout the series Dear Dumb Diary. To begin with, Jamie is mainly the protagonist, because she always predicts what can happen and has a plan for everything, so she takes action for right away on any problem. To add on, Jamie is a judgmental person, because she always judges others based on the stuff she doesn 't have. Lastly, Jamie is a caring person, she sometimes acts like a mean and cruel person, but she cares about others before herself. These are some of Jamie’s personalities. Supporting Character #1: Isabella is Jamie Kelly’s best friend, she is a very mean, caring, and intelligent girl. Isabella acts mean to toughen up with her three older brothers, but with others, she is calm and when she wants to be mean she just imagined it. Also, Isabella is caring in her own way. For example, the first time Isabella and Jamie meet was because Jamie had her mom 's disgusting food for lunch, so Isabella hurt a boy to give Jamie better food to eat. To finish off, Isabella is an intelligent girl, in fact Isabella would help someone do something but weeks later she would earn something off of helping out. Those…show more content…
To begin with, in the beginning of the book Jamie gets asked by a classmate to help decorate posters for the school dance. Jamie was using her glitter powers to make amazing posters at home, but all of a sudden her dog Stinker gets ahold of the glitter. He eats all the glitter and gets sick, so Jamie and her best friend Isabella brought Stinker to the vet. That 's when both girls see Angelina (Jamie’s future cousin and school enimie) with her rescue dog Sticky Buns. To end off, the girls go home after Stinker was clarified by the vet in good condition. Those are some of the things that happen in the beginning of the
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