Dear Fat People Analysis

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Recently, the video ‘Dear Fat People’ by Nicole Arbour has caused a load of controversy and for good reason too. The message of the video triggers people who are self-conscious of their weight. At one point, she even encourages people to stop eating, claiming that the answer to losing weight is that simple. Any impressable person could take that cold-hearted statement seriously. Arbour uses overweight people as the butt of jokes, and she overtly shames them. "Fat shaming who came up with that?” she cried, “yes, shame people who have bad habits until they stop." She attempts to create a light-hearted attitude by using a myriad of jokes and stories about how fat people in her lie, but every one of them feel forced, and all are also incredibly offensive. In the span of two weeks, the video has over six million views. It has gotten Arbour so much negative publicity that she has blocked comments, likes, and she has to blocked people…show more content…
There is a line between being humorous and being offensive. Arbour may claim she only is trying to help people, but her actions show a lack of empathy. “Lifestyle changes are not easy for everyone,” Ana Rivas, sophomore, said. People may truly believe the words she says, thus causing them to make unhealthy choices in an attempt to achieve the perfect body. She could have triggered abuse victims to have panic attacks or episodes. These videos are simply toxic. There have been many videos posted by other YouTubers to address what she has said. YouTuber Ashley Mardell responded with a personal account. "When I 'm feeling fat and people make fun of me for being fat, the first thing I think isn 't I should go to the gym or I should be healthier. The first thing I think when people make fun of me, when people spend their time tearing me down, is, ‘Wow, I 'm a piece of trash.’" Indubitably, some students viewed the video and who know how it affected them personally. Hopefully, people do not take the words of this outspoken stranger to
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