Dearest Cousin Analysis

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Dearest Cousin, I am glad to hear that life in America is good but unfortunately I can not say the same. Here in Berlin life has been on the decline ever since the end of the Great War. The war left the country littered with abandoned tanks, entire towns devastated by bombings, and trench lines scarring the earth. Reparations for the war have taken an enormous toll on the economy and many of us Germans are struggling to keep from starving or freezing to death. We’ve been living in fear here ever since the outbreak of war between Austria and Serbia. Being allies of Austria we knew that we were going to be dragged into it soon. With Germany having such a great military, many of us didn’t think much of a war against Serbia until all of a sudden we were in a war with not only Serbia but Russia,…show more content…
With the London Ultimatum the government was gouged to the point of no recovery. The value of a single mark is now equal to 4 trillion American dollars. Money is so worthless that people use it as wallpaper and the people that can’t afford housing burn it to keep warm during this harsh winter. I’m sorry to say that our uncle, Eugene, has finally passed away from the mustard gas that he inhaled during battle. He had been recovering pretty well but he fell ill again and never recovered. Death has been commonplace here in Germany the last few years with ex troops dying from battle wounds and people succumbing to the effects of poverty. Even years after the end of the war, death is still a prominent factor of everyday life. With the war and its consequences came hardships for many countries but because Germany was the antagonist of the war we got the brunt of the reparations for the war. The entire country has been made to suffer for Germany. There is a spark of hope with a new political party run by a man capable of delivering us from depression that goes by the name
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