Death And Justice Edward Koch Analysis

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Summary of Major Ideas In this article “Death and Justice,” Edward Koch adequately defends the view of capital punishment on many fronts. He doesn’t, however, approach the topic in an offensive way. He defends the issue primarily by defending opposing vies by counteracting common arguments made against the subject. He shows that any argument someone could make against the matter he could undermine it through examples, statistics, and even the Bible. This shows that secular and spiritual views agree with the arguments he makes. He goes on to successfully defend against multiple lashes of capital punishment in not only one, but in seven different accounts. To completely understand what is going on in this article one must approach it from both viewpoints of this debate, otherwise it would have lost its meaning. Critical Evaluation of Work Edward Koch explains in his article multiple different defenses against the…show more content…
All throughout the Bible we see his point being supported. The Bible says in Genesis 9:6 “Whoso sheddeth man 's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” Several other passages support this throughout the Bible, I believe that Mr. Koch answered this matter in a very professional way. The article then goes on to read that people oppose to the death penalty because it is “barbaric” (97). It is not the death penalty that they consider barbaric “It’s the death itself” (97). He states how many people who were about to be executed suddenly had a conscience and pleaded for mercy (97). He then states that maybe the idea of taking someone’s life is barbaric, but we have made it to where it’s not in over excessive ways like the electric chair. Application of major
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