Death Be Not Proud Literary Analysis

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The Hand of God is not exclusive, thus believers and nonbelievers are always at His mercy. He is willing to save all mankind, even if they suppress the truth and persecute His followers. Death Be Not Proud, written by John Gunther, shares the story of Johnny, a young boy battling a brain tumor. He was to experience a lot of pain during treatment and expected to lose his sight after having an operation, However, God’s grace and mercy allows Johnny to live much longer than expected, have minimal pain, and avoid blindness. God does not ignore problems when they arise, as he is always involved in what solution may be found. His people suffer a great deal because of their disobedience. However, God revives them from any hardship they encounter,…show more content…
However, he never actually feels any suffering through his treatment. The only times he has felt pain is after his first operation, and when he has a headache hours before his death. God is continuously saving Johnny from needing to suffer greatly in order to survive. If the hand of God was not over Johnny throughout his life, Johnny would face unimaginable pain. Johnny dies in his sleep, the most peaceful, painless way to die. Blindness is common for people with tumors. Johnny’s parents tried to hide this information by hiding journals and books about tumors. Despite this, Johnny basically already knew about blindness and how it relates to him. They went through multiple operations as it was the only way to get some improvement on Johnny’s tumor, but Johnny never actually gained blindness. God’s grace gives Johnny much less of what may have caused him to no longer do anything in life, and instead just has him lose a little eyesight. Johnny faces a tumor with hopeless odds, as a short life, great deal of pain, and blindness attempt to destroy his life. However, the hand of God protects Johnny from having to deal with these problems. Without God’s

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