Death Before Food Inc

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What were the main points discussed in the film? The main points discussed in the film were that the food industry is very powerful. Food industries not always good to farmers or the animals they produce. Normally the meats that they produce or have people produce for them are not raised naturally. 90% of foods on shelves contain soy or corn. E Coli is a huge problem that many aren’t doing anything about to change. Food systems are projected towards the bad calories. There are many hidden costs in this industry and Monsanto and their GMO’s. Did the presenters seem credible? Why or why not? I believed that the presenters seemed credible. This was because of their title such as vice presidents. People such as actual farmers and workers for these…show more content…
I have seen this video a couple times before and have heard speeches and read articles about these topics therefore I knew most everything discussed but it was a good refresher on what is happening in our food industry. Watching Seeds of Death before Food Inc. also provided me with information I didn’t know therefore I feel pretty well educated on the…show more content…
Both were on the same side with GMOs and unnatural ways of producing. Since I have seen the film before I didn’t learn anything in addition to Seeds of Death. Most of the comparison to topics were spot on and showed the same views. What were the key points about Factory Farmed beef and pork? A couple main points about factory farmed beef was that cows stand ankle deep in their own manure. This leads to the spread of bacterial and usually leads to manure ending up on or in the meats finished product. Cows have open tubes that lead to their stomachs. They didn’t seem to show the living of pigs as much as they did cows and chickens. I’m assuming that the raising and production of pork is along the same lines as beef and chicken, not what it should

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