Death Constant Beyond Love Literary Analysis

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Declaration of Representation in Symbolization Have you ever thought that all those losing lottery tickets you have thrown out describes your life perfectly? “The tickets are losers, and so am I,” you tell yourself. If so, you have made the tickets symbolize your life. Symbolism happens in daily life and in fictional literature. A reader can notice symbolism in almost all fiction they read, whether it be obvious or more abstract. Such symbolisms are apparent in stories such as “Flowering Judas” and “Death Constant Beyond Love.” One of the first examples of symbolism noticed is in “Flowering Judas.” The protagonist in this story is Laura, a woman who left normal life to join the revolution. Laura’s clothes have a defining symbolism of her…show more content…
The Senator has an estimated death date in six months. Wanting to keep the last six months as normal as possible because he did not tell a soul about his dying being predicted, he continued on his campaign trail across the desert. His determination of living out normality in his final days showed through him tending to a single rose throughout this journey. The rose represents the death that lingers over the Senator. Throughout the story, it talks about the shadow the rose casts over the Senator. The shadow is death looming, waiting to pounce. Another symbol is the padlock that Laura Farina is wearing when the Senator was trying to be with her. Laura’s father had sent her to where the Senator was staying to tempt him into providing her father with a false identity card. This situation also symbolizes death creeping towards the protagonist. The text shows his thought process which was, “Remember, he remembered, that whether it's you or someone else, it won't be long before you'll be dead and it won't be long before your name won't even be left” (Marquez Page 5). He was willing to get through the padlock to fulfill his short term wants because there was not going to be any long-term
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