Death In Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones

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Death, considered as today’s primal fear, is often viewed as the ending of joy, happiness, and life. However, death is not the end of life but the innate nature of life. Individuals should not fear death, but they should appreciate what life can offer them. Oftentimes, the value of life is only revealed when death occurs. While grieving for the loss of life, the pain at times can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. In Alice Sebold’s, “The Lovely Bones”, the story is narrated from a dead girl, Susie Salmon, who watches from Heaven over her murderer, and how her family learns to overcome their grief overtime. Although it is heart-wrenching for the Salmon family, the death of Susie is also a refuge of solace for them. Without experiencing the pain of losing a loved one, the Salmon…show more content…
Ultimately, this bitter trial provides them another opportunity to embrace the gift of life. Although the death of Susie Salmon breaks the Salmon family apart, it also provides them an opportunity to rebuild their love for one another and their relationships. Susie’s grandmother, Lynn does not have a close relationship with the Salmons. Yet, Susie’s death enhances Grandma Lynn’s bonding with Abigail and her family when she attends the funeral. Susie, in heaven, recounts the moment her grandmother enters the house, and she “[drags] the light back in” (Sebold 100). Her sudden presence dissipates the sombre mood that has lingered in the family, and curtails the family’s sorrow while mourning Susie’s death. On one occasion, Grandma Lynn suggests that Abigail needs help and insists on giving her a makeover. Ingeniously, she manages to
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