Death In America Essay

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Death: America’s Number One Skirted Subject
Death has evolved into a taboo over the last few centuries in America. Recent research proves that Americans are increasingly becoming more involved with value of self-image. Over the last few decades, youth and beauty have become expectations. Americans are becoming more egotistical and aging is viewed with a negative connotation. Due to the evolution of obsession of self and beauty, death has become an evasive and avoided topic in American society.
Throughout the decades, death has become an avoided topic in American culture. Definitively, death is the moment when all vital signs stop and all life is left behind. According to Barry Greenwald, author of the article “Death and Dying,” “The dying person is losing everything and everyone he/she has ever loved and cherished in his/her life.”
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However, this is void because recent studies prove that almost half of America’s population is willing to take any measures possible to live. ___ Hafiz stated that “45% of people say that they would tell their doctors to do anything possible to keep them alive, even if the circumstances were so dire they had no chance of improvement.” If natural acceptance of death in society were to be valid, then such drastic measures would not be requested. Furthermore, natural acceptance of death is unfathomable to many Americans due to society’s competitive drive. According to a recent study conducted by Hafiz, _____“About 1/3 of Americans would fight for their lives no matter what.” This validated that America has developed into a culture that ultimately is fearful of the concept of death and aging. America as a whole does not accept that death is a natural part of the cycle of life and consequently will do anything to avoid

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