Death In Liesel's The Book Thief

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Death is everywhere. Everyone’s biggest fear is constantly hovering over them, waiting for the right time to take them away. A near death experience often brings out the truth that people have kept to themselves. In The Book Thief, the story was narrated in the point of view of death. In the book, The Book Thief, the narrator impacts the understanding of the theme in an intriguing and suspenseful manner. Death occurs in many scenes throughout the book. Unfortunately, Liesel is surrounded by the most of it. Liesel started out her life with only her mother and brother. Her brother and her were traveling with their mother by train to be given over to foster parents because their mother didn’t have the ability to care for them anymore. On their way there,…show more content…
“''The Book Thief'' offers us a believable, hard-won hope. That hope is embodied in Liesel, who grows into a good and generous person despite the suffering all around her, and finally becomes a human even Death can love. The hope we see in Liesel is unassailable, the kind you can hang on to in the midst of poverty and war and violence” (Green). This quote that a critic wrote expressed the enormous amount of hope that Liesel is able to hang onto throughout all the hardships she has to go through. “Indeed, everything is upside down in Zusak's Nazi Germany. Sounds are tasted, visions are heard, death has a heart, the strong do not survive, and your best chance of living may be a concentration camp” (Green). During the 1940’s, Nazi-Germany was extremely dangerous. Death surrounds thousands of Jews during that time period. Liesel and her family put themselves in risk of Death when
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