Death In The Elizabethan Era

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Mark Twain once said, “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” A lot of people in the Elizabethan Era suffered from the most famous plague known to man-- the Bubonic Plague. The most common reason for the departure of a human soul would be the brutality of their punishments, disease, and childbirth.

Often, crimes of this era were met with violent and cruel punishments to criminals. Many of the punishments and executions were viewed by hundreds of people. Lower class men and women would treat these punishment viewings as an “exciting day out.” Just by being accused of a crime could lead to being tortured. The main punishments for the upper class were beheadings and being burned
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The medicine of this ere was very basic, when the Black Plague hit it killed nearly one third of the population. The Physicians of this era would dress in irregular clothing, and wear an odd mask that almost resembled a halloween costume currently in society today. The Physicians clothing may have saved their lives and prevented him from catching any illnesses. The Bubonic Plague was spread bacillus yersinia pestis, which is a rod shaped bacteria. The disease was carried by fleas and transmitted by rodents. The illnesses of the Elizabethan era are similar to the sicknesses in the modern age. Broken bones or wounds would be treated and cared for in unsanitary areas. This is unsafe because the wounds would get infected really easily. Lower and upper class people would die from illnesses due to poor living conditions. People in this era would get amputations by surgeons if their wounds were really…show more content…
In the Elizabethan Era there were multiple ways men and women could meet death. Many people were hit by history’s most famous plague-- The Bubonic Plague. The unintelligence of society was a major contributor to many deaths during this era. No one understood that when crimes happened there was punishment, that also led to multiple deaths for people in this time period. Diseases seemed to have wiped out most of the population in the Elizabethan Era. Death by childbirth was 20% of the reason women died in this era. These statistics show how blessed today’s society is compared the Elizabethan

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