Death Note Movie Comparison

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To reduce the description of the film "Death Note" to one word, it would be ‘disappointing’. This is simply because the film does a mediocre job at grasping the intellectual depth of a story of two ingenious teens from one of the highest rated mangas of all time. Adam Wingard portrays a tragic teenage romance about a cat-and-mouse chase between L, (Lakeith Stanfield) who the investigator and Light (Nat Wolff). Wingard explores the theme of good and evil and the grey area in between as well as justice. It is a film adaptation of the popular manga also known by the same name of “Death Note.” The film follows the story of a bland character, Light Turner. Light is a high school student who happens to be in the right place at the right time to…show more content…
It shows that Wolff’s Light is neither clever nor gifted in any obvious way. Also, Wolff’s Light is quite brutal when it comes to killing, as many of his victims die in a grotesque and detailed manner. For example, in the scene of his first victim via the notebook, he kills by decapitation rather than the notebooks stock death, a heart attack. This was a very gory scene which reminded me of a horror film series by the name of “Saw.” Wingard shows these gory moments almost any chance offered. This unexplained brutal side to Wolff’s Light shows how the main character is too obvious and simplistic to be a deep fascinating
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