Death Of A Hired Man Analysis Essay

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Analyzing the theme of home and various aspects about Frost’s poems in “Death of a Hired Man” by Robert Frost
Robert Frost’s style of writing consists of grasping with absolute mastery the rhythm of ordinary speech and representing the wide array of human experiences in his verse. In almost every poem just like this one, “Death of a Hired Man”, he includes themes like nature, mentioning the farm and farm life in general, and everyday life, since he writes in this almost dialogue way. The poem “Death of a Hired man” revolves around the theme of home, where Silas, a character in the poem, wants to return to the farm where he got his first work. In this poem Frost’s writes that “home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you”. Home, to me, is a place where you are always welcomed no questions asked, a place where you live with family and friends who then become
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His working days are done; I'm sure of it.
Here you just feel the unconditional love or even yet the love Mary has for Silas created over the time Silas spent working and being himself in the farm. Now Warren has taken the fatherly role and considers Silas as a son that has chosen a generally lewd life and did not learn a single lesson or moral from him throughout all the years he has worked for his “father”. Additionally we can compare human nature versus animal nature with this poem. We can look at Mary as the animal nature where animals after being together for long periods of time always remember their each other and do not hold any grudges or anger for x or y reason one member of the group did. However Warren is the typical human nature where people over time, like animals, get to know each other and create trust between them. This happens until someone makes a mistake or does something another person did not like and after all that time of being together and knowing each other suddenly get thrown out the window and
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