Death Of A Salesman Analysis

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In the play “ Death of a Salesman” Willy Loman is a salesman who wishes for a better life for his family and himself. Willy Loman is obsessed with creating a better life; he believes he deserves more and that he has the recipe for success. Willy Loman 's obsession with the dream directly causes his failure in life, which, in turn, leads to his eventual death. Willy is an excellent representation of the failures of the American Dream. Some people have argued that, the American dream of "a better, richer, and happier life for all our citizens of every rank is “the greatest contribution we have made to the thought and welfare of the world." (cite). This idea has positively influenced Americans and many people around the world. In Death of a Salesman it takes a different approach by showing how it can be destructive in many ways. Most times we can get stuck in this mindset that more success means a happier life and that it can make a person feel more accomplished yet in fact Death of a Salesman shows how it can make people feel less accomplished through Willy Loman. In the end, he doesn’t realize this until it was too late.
“Death of a Salesman” was produced in 1949. It was written at the height of the consumer boom that had followed the recession of the 1930s and the Two World Wars. For many people during this time hard work would get you further in life. For years Americans hear how their great world was built on those values, in the play it could be argued that Death of a
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