Death Of A Salesman Analysis

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Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller addresses a man 's suffering to accept the change of people and society surrounding him. Everything revolves around the main character 's, Willy Loman, actions during the last 24 hours of his life. The plays begin in the home of Willy Loman when he returns exhausted from his last sales trip. And it concludes with him suiciding, subsequent with a funeral. It is noticeable that Miller never mentions Willy 's sales product, perhaps, to characterize Willy to be anyone from the American society. Willy is a quite self-doubting man. He creates a perfect world to himself and to his family to feel better. In his world of delusion, Willy is an enormously successful salesman who makes great deal of money. He deals reality with extreme arrogance . Besides, the interaction between Willy and the main characters Linda, Biff Loman and Happy Loman reveals sides of his personality such as; being obsessive, angry or desperately motivated by the American dream. His aggressive behavior seemed to be a result of the things going around him, starting from his job, a salesman earning a little amount of money and his son 's Biff incapability to settle his life, and as the play evolves, they lead to his suicide. Willy lived in an imaginary world with thoughts and dreams that restricted him and directed his actions such as; the house purchases, Biff 's financial situation, better job opportunities and finally following the American dream that evidently killed him.
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