Death Of A Salesman Film Analysis

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Death of a Salesman has been extremely influential in regards to theatrical performance and it has been performed by multiple different theatre groups. It has also been made into a movie, which has actors such as Dustin Hoffman as Willy Loman, John Malkovich as Biff Loman, and Kate Reid as Linda Loman. All of these actors’ performances were true to the character and were extremely realistic. It was easy for the audience to get caught up in the characters that these actors portrayed. Throughout the movie, Dustin Hoffman, John Malkovich, and Kate Reid all provided an outstanding performance by ensuring that their facial expressions, body language, and emotions always shined through all the while they were creating realistic characters that were easily believable by the audience. Dustin Hoffman was the first actor that caught my attention in this movie. Although this is probably because he played the main character of the play, I found his passion in this performance to also be a sole reason as to why his acting was so intriguing. Hoffman truly put on an incredible performance in this movie, and a great deal of it had to do with his facial expressions and body language. Hoffman’s most effective scene in this film was the scene where Willy Loman got fired from his job. Hoffman portrayed extremely raw emotions at this part of the movie. By his body language, you can tell that Willy Loman is uncomfortable with asking someone for help, and when he was turned down, the facial
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