Death Of A Salesman Research Paper

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In my own words, I would define tragedy as being an event that happened unexpectedly which causes a negative change in an individual or affecting the entire family as a whole regarding how big the tragedy was. According to my definition, Death of a Salesman can be considered as a tragedy as well as not a tragedy in others perspective due to how they define tragedy. According to Merriam Webster tragedy is defined as, “a serious drama typically describing a conflict between the protagonist and a superior force and having a sorrowful or disastrous conclusion that elicits pity or terror”. Willy’s death was unexpected but his reactions and his thinking seem to conclude that he would eventually harm himself one day or another. Willy was tormented…show more content…
He would always think about his brother, Ben who states, "William when I walked into the jungle I was 17. When I walked out I was 21. And . . . I was rich” (Arthur Miller) which triggers Willy to enforce his sons to be successful and become rich eventually. As seen throughout the play Death of a Salesmen, Willy is trapped in his own spiritual dream of becoming rich one day. All of this American dream started when he was influenced or inspired by Dare Singlemen and decided without thinking that he wanted to become a salesmen. His job doesn’t quite seem to benefit him in any such way. He borrows fifty-dollars every week from is close by friend known as Charley. He lies to his family that his work is going great by showing them the fifty bucks he borrowed. I believe that Willy Loman had made opportunities to fix up his life, but he always refused to do so. For example, Charley offered Willy a great job which would have had changed his world but sadly, Willy refused and simply wanted to borrow the money. This shows how strong Willy’s spiritual recognition is and that how strongly he wants his sons to accomplish his dream. Willy puts of all of his hopes into his
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