Death Of A Salesman Theme Analysis

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The play Death of a salesman is set in late 1940s in America. This play’s main theme is ‘American Dream’ which Willy is trying hopelessly to grasp believing that if he is well liked and personally attractive he will succeed in business in American society. This le but it also has several different themes such as betrayal, abandon, reality and delusion. These themes appear every time Willy drifts back to the past throughout the play. Willy Loman, a 60-year-old salesman with two sons, lives in his dream believing that his sons would be successful like him and is certain that a good salesman has to have a well liked personality just like Willy himself. In the play Willy tends to drift back to the past when his family was happy and could dream of future together. Biff, Willy’s oldest son, used to be a star football player when he was in high school and wins scholarship from several universities. It seemed like Biff…show more content…
When Biff was in high school, Biff and Willy loved each other, and Biff trusted Willy and Willy believed in Biff that he will one day be well liked in the business world and become successful. However, when Willy’s secret affair was uncovered Biff lost his faith towards Willy and gave up everything he could achieve. However, Willy does not stop believing that Biff will be a well liked man and this causes Willy and Biff to have conflict in what they want to be. When the problem reaches its climax Willy kills himself in return of insurance money to the family. Biff blames Will’s dream instead of him for his death. This proves that both of them loved each other no matter how different their dreams were. In my opinion these kind relationship between father and son represents sacrificial. Even though love between father and son sounds romantic, it is sad to hear that one of them has to sacrifice to make another better, when nothing has really become
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