Death Of A Salesman Willy Character Analysis

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Linda is a very sweet person, she’ll do anything for her loved ones especially for Willy, Which is why, out of all the characters she has the control and patience for Willy because after all they are husband and wife. To clarify, in the beginning of the novel when Willy is feeling guilty, she “ You’ve got too much on the ball to worry about- just try to relax dear”(18). She sounds so soothing almost calming using “ Try to relax dear”. Linda has a way with words the can make anyones frown turn to a smile. Lindas front of holding a calming appearance is shown throughout the book even at Willy 's death. Rather than being emotional and drawing herself attention she “ I’ll be with you in a minute. Go on, Charley- I want to, just for a minute-I never had a chance to say goodbye”(139). Linda is definitely depressing because she just lost her…show more content…
In the beginning of the play, when Linda is arguing with Biff about Willy “ You’re such a boy!-One day you’ll knock on this door and there’ll be strange people here” (55) A annoyed and aggravated mother is worse then being eaten by a bear because you can’t run from your mother no matter how hard you try. This side of Linda is different, but normal because she’s so used to holding her thoughts inside that one time she just bursts and hell is about to come. At this moment, she isn’t in control of herself beacuse she 's so mentally frustrated of what 's going on. In the same way, this also occurs in another one of her and Biffs arguments, when Biff and her other son Happy decide to skip a family dinner “ Did you have to go to woman tonight?-Get out of here, both of you, and don’t come back’(124). At the moment, she isn’t Linda the nice petite women, she 's fireball Linda about to come and hit you with her fist soon. Generally speaking, the nice quiet ones can also lose control of
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