Death Of General Wolfe Analysis

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Lastly, the two paintings use perspective, color, and light very similarly. In Death of General Wolfe, the artist, West, clearly and realistically paints the figures in the foreground and in the background in uniforms that would have been common during that time. Similarly, Giotto paints his figures in robes which were common, and what painters usually depicted their figures wearing. They both have knowledge about what it is they are painting and are able to use color to accurately show what may have occurred. The use of light in both of these paintings is very similar. In West’s painting, there is a break in the smoke where the light from the sun appears to be coming from. The central figure, General Wolfe, has the light from the sun shining…show more content…
It is depicted in the chapel it was created in, the Arena Chapel. The chapel is found in Padua, Italy. It was commissioned by the Scrovegni family for their personal chapel. It is part of the Life of Christ narrative frescos that are painted in the chapel. Death of General Wolfe was created by an Anglo American artist during the late 18th century. It depicts a scene from the Battle of Quebec. This battle occurred during the French and Indian war and General Wolfe lost his life during this battle. He was a very important person in the British Military and is regarded as one of the most important and celebrated military hero of his time by the National Army Museum. He was fatally wounded during the battle, but survived long enough to see the end of it. This painting is filled with grief. As the title leads people to assume, General Wolfe is lying in the arms of some of his men. It can be assumed that because there is a battle going on in the background, that he was fatally wounded by gunshot. This is also a conclusion that could be argued due to the man holding a cloth against the generals torso. It can be assumed that this is the French and Indian war due to the Indian in the foreground of the painting. It can be assumed that the men who are looking over are not common soldiers. This assumption is made by the appearance of the decorated soldiers who are looking over their dying general. Also, because…show more content…
Both of these paintings have a dark background. In West’s painting, Death of General Wolfe, the sky in the background is filling with dark clouds and smoke. The battlefield appears like it has a shadow over it, while the foreground figures are bright and have light shining on them. Similarly, in the painting, Lamentation, the author, Giotto, paints the sky in the background darker than the rest of the painting. The blue that he uses is a darker color than the rest of the painting. The figures are wearing neutral colors, not dark, but also not incredibly bright either, with the exception of the white figure in the
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