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Research Summary: The Role of Parents in Hamlet Hayslip, Bert, Jr., Jessica H. Pruett, and Daniela M. Caballero. “The ‘how’ and ‘when’ of parental loss in adulthood: effects on grief and adjustment.” OMEGA – The Journal Of Death and Dying 71.1 (2015): 3+. Health Reference Center Academic. Web. 18 Oct. 2015. This report discussed how the death of a parent causes a variety of problems for adult children including impaired social/emotional functioning, an increase in alcohol consumption, and a decline in physical health. The author states, “The quality of relationships with parents may further influence the symbolic meaning and value of the relationship and the child’s subsequent reaction to a parent’s death.” The death of a parent that the…show more content…
Following the death of Hamlet’s father, he is stricken with grieve and it is evident that his social/emotional function is impaired. Hamlet makes irrational decisions, which can be explained by the fact that he held an extremely close relationship with his father, which increased Hamlet’s psychological distress. (67) Fanning, Karen. “Step by step: fifty percent of kids in the United States live in stepfamilies. Here’s how they handle the challenge of holding on to their old families while accepting their new ones.” Scholastic Choices Sept. 2005: 18+. Academic OneFile. Web. 20 Oct. 2015. This article discusses how stepfathers have a variety of effects on the newly joined family, which includes children experiencing feelings of loneliness. It can be difficult for children to adapt to this new environment, especially if the stepfather changes the rules of the household. Many children tend to resent their stepfather because they feel as if they are trying to replace their biological father. The article also mentions, “It can take as many as four years for stepfamilies to come together as a family unit.” Fanning focuses on that fact that even though it takes years to create a new relationship with a stepparent, the majority end up as positive, healthy relationships.

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