Death Of Piggy In Lord Of The Flies

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In Russia during World War One, gangs of children “roamed the country attacking and killing out of sheer cruelty” (Golding). Similar to William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies where a bunch of boys, six to sixteen years old, crash on a deserted island with no adults. After a while on the island the boys become savages and very violent. On the island, a boy named Roger is very mean to the little kids, throwing rocks at them and destroying their sandcastles. He hates Piggy, a smart and nice kid, the entire time they are on the island and finally acts on it. He pushes a boulder down a cliff and kills Piggy. Roger knows exactly what he is doing when he murders Piggy and he does it out of pure aggression and hatred towards him. Roger is old enough to understand what he is doing when he kills Piggy. He is about sixteen and “ought to be capable of understanding [his] actions and the consequences” (Sachs). At sixteen most people are driving, which puts them and the people around them in danger. One wrong move or decision on the road can lead to the death of someone. Also some people have a job and are contributing to society. So, Ralph is old enough and mature enough to understand…show more content…
He pushes the boulder down the hill “with a sense of delirious abandonment” (Golding 180). The sense of delirious abandonment while committing the act shows the pleasure he receives from killing Piggy. Roger does not feel bad at all about what he does because not even for a second does he stop and think. Immediately he moves onto terrorising Sam and Eric, twins that he captures. Showing his truly evil nature, killing one person and before he can even think about it he moves onto his next victims. Not even a part of Roger feels bad for murdering one of his peers in cold blood. Also he voluntarily kills Piggy. No one is pressuring him kill Piggy. He has the idea to kill Piggy, not anyone
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