Death Of The Moth By Virginia Woolf: Poem Analysis

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“The Death of the Moth”, written by Virginia Woolf, is a story about a Moth that undergo the way of death. This was very interesting to know and seem like something I like to know about. It could catch a lot of people attention and would like this story. The first that stood out to me was “death is a stronger than I am”. That was a very good quote because the moth is fighting for everything it has to live on this earth. The death is something that always comes up on top and has the last taste. Death is something very hard to fight against because you can’t live in this world forever. Dying is a part of life the only thing the moth could do is lay there and fight for its life as much as it could but will eventually end up dying and losing to death in the battle. My second quote from this story that I was really amazed by is “One’s sympathies, of course, were all on the side of life”. Seeing the strong moth push and fight for its life and having a supporter like Virginia to see the moth try to fight for its life is good. People know that you can’t or won’t live forever. It relates to the world and my life because when people pass away the look at life as a second choice to say you are either going to make it to…show more content…
The little moth fought and fought to do what he could .In such less amount of time for the moth that flew vehemently to one of his corners then sitting there for a few until he went to the second corner he could go to. Two more corners to go but it was just to much for it to make it to the third and fourth corner. That was the best the little moth could do for himself nothing more. Moth made sure it did everything in him or her power to do everything it could do to give it all it’s had left. As little as it was it had lots of energy out of the world. This quote shows a lot on how special you could be or to see how much you fight for your life going against death in the real world
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