Death Penalty Controversy

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Over the last decades there has been a lot of controversy about rather the death penalty should be supported. The biggest controversy revolved around society questioning if the government should reserve the right to execute murders. Many argued that murder was murder regardless of who's committing it. They believed that allowing the government to execute murders was a conflict of interest because the government suggest that murder is a cruel crime so they also shouldn't be allowed to commit it because they make the rules regardless of the circumstances. Individual thats support the death penalty believe in the “eye for eye” theory which basically suggest if someone takes a life there life should also be taken from them for the crime the committed. …show more content…

I felt this way back then because I was so focused on getting even instead of creating ways to better handle the situation and being a bigger person. I also was one to argue that if someone committed the act of murder they deserve to die. However as I grew older and begin learning more about the criminal justice field I begin thinking differently. I begin to argue that two wrongs don’t make a right. I begin saying that no one regardless of who and why should reserve the right to end a life. After spending years watching different studies and learning more in my field I begin realizing how much people change including criminals. Ive seen many criminals go to jail and come home an turn there entire life around from crime and its moments like this that make me say people deserve a second chance in life. Just because you committed murder doesn't mean you cant change who you are and start to see the wrong in what you done. I also begin looking at the people that were sitting on death row for years or had been already executed for there crimes before it was found that they never committed the crimes they were held for. Its moment like that make me nervous for prisoners sitting on death row because they may be executed when there innocent before there innocence could be proven. I think its important to consider that we can reverse a prison sentence but you cant reverse

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