Death Penalty Debate Speech

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to the 2016 annual debate competition. I am a representative student from Biss Puxi, an international school in Shanghai. I am here to debate why the death penalty is the utmost brutal, cruelsome act of mankind.

Have you ever speculate about what it would be like to be confined in the most unhygienic claustrophobic case for hours and hours, day after day, thinking that in a split second could be the last-minute on earth? For many people on death row, this is a reality; this is their life. How would you feel if you are one of them? The death penalty also known as the capital punishment is the most excruciating sentence of all: death. Forms of capital punishment are the electric
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And they believe that we should risk killing murderers to protect society. However, I truly disagree. Sometimes an innocent person is accused of murder and punished for no reason. It’s just isn’t morally justified. What about the family of the murderer? They shouldn’t be afflicted by something that someone else did. Sure some say that we can examine using their DNA, however, we can never always be 100% certain! A man named Earl Washington from Virginia falsely admitted to the rape and murder of a woman in Virginia; he was then sentenced to death in 1984. DNA was tested long after Mr. Washington's sentencing showed that he was NOT the rapist. Whilst some say that it is just one person, however, one living person is still a life! It is simply not acceptable! Various cases have found that many innocent people have been falsely accused of murder, and they can’t do anything about it because the person is diseased. A man spent five years of his life on death row in Oklahoma for a crime he did not commit! He was accused of brutally killing his wife because they found that the bite mark on his wife’s body matches his teeth. He lost 8 years of his life, and the chance of raising his two daughters. Although he wasn’t sent to his death, he was still innocent! This has destroyed his life; can we allow this to happen? Is this

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