Death Penalty In 12 Angry Men: 12 Angry Men

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Story Line
12 men meet at a Jury Room after a trial to decide if a 16 year old man is guilty of killing his father if the man is found guilty the sentence is Death Penalty, this was supposed to be an easy decision, but turn around when one of the members of the Jury was not agree and bought in question the witnesses and what they saw or heard versus what they should.
The majority of the members were against Jury number 8, but when he was presenting more remarkable and questionable proves to the case one by one started changing their mind.
At the end all the members where agree that was not enough proves to convict this young man to death.
Overview of the Film
12 men are responsible to decide if a young man is guilty of killing
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Other members of the jury just thought that the man is guilty for his condition and from where he is coming from, even one of them shows a lot of discrimination regards the conditions of this young man that even stated that if they sent the accused to the death penalty that will prevent future issues in the…show more content…
The 3rd Juror mention how disrespectful was his kid, and how his kid even hit him once; some other members of the jury mention how this young boy was always getting hit by his father and they said that the situation was the motive of the murder. Juror number 3 was the last one in changing his vote not because he wasn’t sure, but he wants to punish this kid making a direct assimilation that this kid is like his and need to be punished.
• 1st Juror: he acts as a foreman and he is responsible to maintain the order in the room and keep everyone else in track. This is not too hard for him because he is a football coach.
• 2nd Juror: this actor doesn’t participate too much in the play, and he is shyer than the rest of the group.
• 3rd Juror: he is the last one that changed the vote, he is a business owner and the relationship with his son is really bad. He wants to punish this young kid not for what he is accused, but because he sees his son reflected in this kid.
• 4th Juror: he just looks for facts and does how he changed his vote when they analyze how bad his vision without

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