Death Penalty In Canada Essay

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Canada, one of the countries in the world that have a low murder rate. But even with such low rates, why do some Canadians want to reinstate the death penalty? Is it really necessary to bring back what we have already abolished? Or should we fight our urges for vengeance and look for a solution that 's morally right?

Clifford Olson, Allan Legere, Robert Pickton, Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmolka. Each a part of Canada 's most notorious serial killers; all whom have multiple counts of rape, murder, kidnap and torture. Although they have all committed horrendous crimes, does that mean we can sentence them to a death penalty? If taking someone else 's life is immoral, why should we choose to to take another person 's life in return for
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Even if reinstating the death penalty won 't ruin Canada 's reputation, there are also some other reasons why we shouldn 't reinstate it. There have been many arguments where some people have said that the death penalty can decrease the number of murder rates, which is absolutely false. In the states, such as Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and South Carolina, they have the death penalty, but somehow the murder rates are still quite high. Even through countless studies, the death penalty is not an effective way to decrease the number of deaths from first-degree murders. In fact, it may increase the number of murder rates. Perhaps a practical yet moral solution would be the key to solving this issue. An example would be to give the convict a lifelong sentence in a maximum security prison. Instead of releasing the convict after twenty to fifty years, they will stay there for the rest of their lives. With this solution, the convict will not be integrated back into the society, thus decreasing the number of reoffending convicts. But even with this solution, there will be a number of murderers that will arise from our society. One way to solve this may be to do further research and analysis in order to try to prevent more people from killing innocent victims in our society.

Furthermore, the question of whether to reinstate the death penalty in Canada is very difficult to answer. But through further analysis, saying no to the death penalty is overall the better decision.
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