Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Essay

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The death penalty has been used as a punishment of execution throughout long periods of time. Through those periods, the penalty has now become a necessary part of the society and government system, as an imperative way to prevent dangerous crimes. Yet subsequently, society has become to question this deterrent, regarding humanistic ideas and its certainty. Much inquiry and debate arise from the thought of executing a person due to crime. This controversy created a worldwide dispute regarding the laws of this penalty. Nations like China, Iran, North Korea, Yemen, and the US are still using this deterrent. Whereas nations like France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, and New Zealand have completely abolished the death penalty. However, there are still many other nations with this legislation and thus; this essay will prove to show why this capital punishment should be abolished and no longer used.

To begin with, a con-perspective on this topic of death penalty include the humanistic ideas and certainty of this
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When victims are being killed or injured, many of the families would want to make sure the criminal would attempt another crime. On the night of August 31, Kermit Alexander’s “...mother, sister and two nephews were cold-heartedly shot to death” (Top 10 Pro & Con Arguments). Putting an individual on this penalty would result in the person not harming anybody else, and gives the victim’s family a closure knowing the killer is gone. Additionally, a perspective on why the death penalty should not be eradicated is because of its deterrence. David Muhlhausen, a researcher says that “between executions and reduced murder rates... In short, capital punishment does, in fact, save lives” (Top 10 Pro & Con Arguments). Therefore, the death penalty should be kept as an option for deterrence because it gives families closure and proves as a worthy
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