Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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The death penalty as defined by the Columbia Encyclopedia is “Imposition of a penalty of death by the state” . The death penalty in the United States is left to the discretion of the states themselves in matters relating to state law and is existent in Federal law. The death penalty is currently legal in 31 states in the United States. The application of the death penalty is restricted by the Eighth amendment to the constitution. III. Why the death penalty should be abolished? i) The Trend Towards Worldwide Abolition According to Amnesty USA the number of countries that have been abolishing the death penalty have been on the rise, from 16 in 1977 to 25 in 1988 barring 18 that kept it on only for crimes of treason. “As of May 2013, 140 countries were abolitionist in law or practice” says Amnesty USA. The United States has in common with Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, the death penalty. These 4 nations along with China are responsible for 82% of the world’s executions. The other 4 countries all lie outside the top 33 in the HDI rankings and 3 of the 4 rank outside the top 75 in the rankings. Looking at the list of countries that have abolished the death penalty we find countries like Norway, Australia, Switzerland and Germany to name a few. These countries
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