The Death Penalty

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Although the death penalty can be a harsh punishment, doing as you are told should be crucial to your everyday life. The leaders who started the capital punishment were trying to make a better nation. Today capital punishment is seen as unmoral and cruel because we as a society should send a good message to others. However the death penalty cost less than life in prison, more innocent victims could die, the innocent will never get justice, if they were innocents then they would not be there, and prison is not a hard enough punishment. The death sentence is the best way to eliminate the one who have caused so much pain to others.
Did you know that we spend about 70.7 billion dollars (Reinwasser) on prison for electricity, water, shelter, guards
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When a victim sees the one who has caused them such pain walk away free it is agonizing. Knowing that they are only going to prison just does not make one feel like they are being punished correctly. They get to go to a place where criminals get free food, shelter, and clothes. That does not sound like a bad life to most people. The justice system cares more about the offender then the sufferer, the one who have not broken the law. “It's time we put the emphasis of our criminal justice system back on protecting the victim rather than the accused.” (Messerli) The prisoners get to still talk to loved one because of the phones and visitations however the victims harmed do not have the same…show more content…
If someone is mentally ill then they are put in a program for their wrongdoing. “In Atkins v. Virginia, the Court held that it is a violation of the Eighth Amendment ban on cruel unusual punishment to execute death row inmates with ‘mental retardation.’ ” (What’s new). In this article by the American Civil Liberties Union they talks about how people with disabled are charged differently:
“Courts have established that inmates who are insane – so out of touch with reality that they do not know right from wrong and cannot understand their punishment or the purpose of it – cannot be executed (Ford v. Wainwright) The Supreme Court has also held that a mentally retarded individual cannot be executed (Atkins v. Virginia).” ("Metal Illness and the Death Penalty)
Although people with an intellectual disability know when they do something wrong and they should be punished, but in different
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