Death Penalty Violate The 8th Amendment Essay

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It’s Not working out. By:Taija Jones.

The 8th amendment says “Excessive bail shall not be required, Nor excessive fines imposed, Nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted” . With that being said if the 8th amendment applies for cruel punishments of death penalties then why is it still happening. There might be improstion to taking the 8th amendment out of the factor of basically killing someone for breaking the law. Yeah they might have broken the law but killing A person so brutally doesn’t seem fair. If the death penalty never existed then how much different would america even be? In supreme court they stated “The death penalty law isn’t violating the 8th amendment it is somewhat brought into decision “ . My only question is how does the death penalty not violate the 8th amendment? Today in the USA 36 states still use death penalties as punishment for commiting a crime such as murder or kidnapping and torture of a victim Little did people know after committing such crime they’d experience the same torture they put there victim in . China has the highest execution league table in the world alongside
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He had so much life to live until it was taken away from the cruel punishment of death penalty some people say he deserved it. That is an example of racial bias a 14 year old african american teen killed by death penalty due to a murder he committed of two young caucasianfemales but George was only 14. Supreme court says if your 15 and under you shouldn’t receive a death penalty because you are not seen as an adult unless your 18 or older 15 and under your still seen as a juvenile.Then why did George stinney get executed ? Is it far that kids have been getting killed by death penalty due to their actions. I believe if incarceration was ever imposed in that case then death would have never been the option for a child under the age of

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