Death Penalty Vs. Life Without Parole

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The death penalty is often compared to life without parole, it is evident that the capital punishment is not only effective but more humane. Many prisoners infact rather take the option of death penalty, rather than going through the death penalty. Life imprisonment is act that is also extremely dangerous and can cause high suicide rates. An example about a man who really wanted the death penalty was, Grasso. The man started off by committing murder on an elderly lady by strangling her and smashing her head against an electrical iron, although he managed to escape the crime scene. Later on he fled to New York and strangled and elderly man, nevertheless he was caught. Once in court Grasso pleaded that he much rather go through the death penalty, rather than devoting his life in prison. Soon…show more content…
Overpopulation can cause a series of unwanted needs in the prisons, one of which being doubling up on cells. According to the law prisoners must have a certain area of space to live in for themselves, if the space is decreased by doubling up on cells it would be considered a harsh and uncalled for punishment, therefore it violates the eighth amendment. In addition, overpopulation can also cause disorganization and high tension for both prisoners and staff. Management is not handled well in crowded organizations causing stress levels to rise in both the prisoners and staff. Prisoners are known for reacting wrongfully towards the staff and themselves causing them to go sick, referring back to how prisoners die in prison cells. Not only does overpopulation violate prisoners rights and leads to high tension with prisoners but it also increases the need for supplies. There would be a need for food and other resources, therefore it would raise the value of taxes. Death penalty is not only more sufficient and causes less cases of overpopulation, but it can also lead to deterating homicide
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