The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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10% of defendants sentenced to death volunteer for execution, but what about the people to sentence to die in prison. The death penalty should be a voluntary choice for all inmates/ defendants sentenced to life imprisonment, since sentencing a person to life without parole is civil death, rehabilitation is not an option for them, and many inmates prefer death over life sentences.

Morality is the biggest decision maker when deciding whether to take another person’s life and will depend on the person you ask. The dilemma created from the death penalty would be utilized to assist an “inmate’s last wish”. Giving sentenced defendants the option to die counter the thought of it being a murder and closer towards assisted suicide. Some people believe that a life sentence is worse than the death penalty, since it prevents the defendant from being considered a human being. Likewise Andy Martin says in his article, “In my imaginary trial of the future, the judge will not be “sentencing” at all. Or rather she will be uttering a sentence, but it is not a declarative assertion. There is no “the prisoner will be taken hence and thence conveyed etc.” It is an interrogative. There is a question mark at the end. The future remains open. And thus the dignity of convicted felons is retained”. Seemingly, others believe that it’s inhuman to voluntarily kill another person, and until we as a society can decide which is the morally correct option, nothing can be accomplished. Moreover, as said in
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