Death With Dignity Research Paper

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If you knew that you had very little time left to live, how would you want to go? Would you rather die peacefully without pain, or in agony and excruciating pain for up to months before you finally go? In our country, the first option is only legal in a few states. Everyone should have the option to end their life on their own terms. This is why death with dignity should be legal in every state. Death with dignity is a much more merciful end to a painful alternative. "Living with a disease is a cruelty we wouldn 't tolerate for a pet" ( 'Death With Dignity ' Laws Offer Compassionate Option). If we care enough about our pets to not have them suffer, why wouldn 't we do the same for our friends and family? Living with a terminal illness is hard enough, but worrying about how you will die is unfair. When these patients are close to death, sometimes live isn 't worth living…show more content…
Some people think that this medication could be easily abused or wrongly obtained. However, there are many steps in place to prevent abuse of the lethal medicine. "The option is open only to people 18 years or older who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness that will lead to death within six months" ( 'Death with dignity ' laws offer compassionate option). Patients under 18 are not able to request this medication. Since the illness must lead to death within six months, the medication will not end a life much earlier than it would normally be. Patients also must be mentally competent about what they are doing. "Two doctors must confirm the diagnosis and determine that patients are capable of making their own health decisions" ( 'Death with Dignity ' Laws Offer Compassionate Option). Death with dignity should be legal in every state. It is merciful and should be the choice of no one other than the patient. If death with dignity is legal in every state, so many people will be able to end their suffering on their own terms, but if not, terminal illness will continue to be met with a
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