Death With Dignity Speech Outline

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Imagine the tragedy you had brain cancer with tumors coming left and right in your head causing untreatable headaches, or imagine you had terminal lung cancer where you are gasping for air and feel as if your chest is caving in, or what about stomach cancer in which you are unable to take a bite of food without vomiting uncontrollably…well these things are undeniable awful, but what if someone were to make you live each day of life this way? How bad would that be? Well this is something people in America go through each and every day.
B) Credibility Statement: I personally watched my bright and loving grandma suffer a slow and painful death of Melanoma (a malignant skin cancer). It started with just one mole, and later the cancer metastasized all in her body. I watched her endure such pain and witnessed the doctors give her such strong doses of medicine that made my grandma very unlike her usual vibrant self. All she prayed for was to peacefully pass. Why couldn’t we grant her that one last wish?
C) Preview: “Death with Dignity” should be legalized as an option for terminally-ill patients because it alleviates the suffering one must endure, it’s freedom of choice, and it would prevent inhumane ways of suicides.

(Transition: So let’s take a closer look on why there is such a need for “Death with Dignity.”
II. Need Step Individuals across America are suffering each and every day with terminal illnesses and at this
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