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The title Death 's Acre says a lot of what to this book is about; Death. This book was a fascinating read for its worth. Death 's Acre goes into the life and mind of the man of rotting bodies himself, Dr. Bill Bass, lead anthropologist at the University of Tennessee. While talking about his personal life, he also incorporates a lot of his big cases and studies. All the way to tracking serial killers, to studying a cow 's dead body to determine way of death. To much surprise this book goes into great details of everything, sometimes more than wanted
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The whole reason for Death 's Acre being written is cause of the infamous Body Farm. Other from being well known from The Blind Side, the Body Farm is notoriously known for its
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Bill Bass actually did, and still does a lot of stuff with animal bodies. As big as to cows, to as small as tiny, annoying maggots. It is quiet interesting to read about him and how he works with animals and their bodies. Although it may be an animal body, he doesn 't do much different to the body than he would a human body. It is clear to see that, especially in the case where he is examining the cow before he leaves in Kentucky.
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Dr. Bass lives a very interesting life. Just imagine what it would be like to be a kid telling your new friend that your dad works with dead bodies. Born on August 30th, 1928, Bill Bass was born to work with death. He is very renowned for all his hard work at the University of Tennessee, but not many know of his work at the University of Kentucky. That is where his career in anthropology began. After his career at Kentucky, he went to Tennessee to start his career at Tennessee, and the Body Farm
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With all that is said, this was truly a different read from James Patterson novels. A lot was learned from reading this, some of which I could have lived without. Dr. Bill Bass has one interesting life, and profession. His work with the Body Farm was great to read about, and a little easier to read about cause of his personal life being thrown in there. Death’s Acre will always stand out to me all due to all of the knowledge gained from reading
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