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Deb Steele was born in February 15, 1974 today she is 41 years old. Deb grew up in the middle class. Growing up in the 1970s was very interesting for Deb. Deb grew up in a very religious household. Television was not accepted into the household. Even today her parents still do not have a TV . “Growing up was very hard without a television because I didn’t feel connected to the world.” A major event took place in the film industry. The movie Star Wars was developed and was a top grossing film. Since Deb’s parents didn’t let her watch movies she snuck out with her sister just so she could see it because all of her friends were raving about it. Deb attended a Elida High school in Lima. Deb’s parents were very strict she wasn’t allowed to wear pants she was only allowed to wear skirts. Deb was into Bon Jovi when growing up. In Lima the schools were very close together so she would walk to and from school. There were many popular clothing fads during Deb’s time including shoulder pads and rolled jeans.

There were many major historical events that took place in Deb’s life. The Iran war was a major event during Deb’s life.
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Some strengths include new technology. For example, in Microsoft became a trademark. Another strength would be in the auto industry. When Deb was growing up the started to make smaller and more fuel efficient cars. A weakness would be that families were one income based while nowadays many people have a two income based. Deb predicts that in the long term, there will be peace in the society. Deb also believes in the short term more jobs will be available which results in a lower unemployment rate. Deb thinks that the homeless rate will also decrease. Deb believes that there will be more money circulating in the world. She also believes that in the short term more education will be provided for third world nations which will then result in more products produced in those
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