Debate Against Animal Testing

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In the present age, it is inevitable and undeniable to develop scientific research given the high demand for medicine and veterinary health. It is universally acknowledged that animals play an indispensable role in scientific research. The British Royal Society, argues that" virtually every medical achievement in the past century reliant on the use of animals in some way."(The Royal Society 2004, p.1) Whether animals should be used for testing has become much debatable issue. There are pros and cons for this topic. Therefore, the debate about animal testing has been very hyped in these recent years. This essay will propose both sides.

To some people animal testing is cruel and inhuman but to some people it’s logical. In animal testing, countless animals are experimented on and then killed after their use. Others are injured and will still live the remainder of their lives in captivity. Some tests have no purpose in the end. Even if the testing process does not kill an animal or inflict any lasting damage, it’s an unfortunate fact that the experiment may end up being pointless in the end. “The product being tested on the animal, for instance, may never satisfy the requirements needed in order to be released to the public due to any number of problems or unintended side effects.” When a
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“Animal testing for cosmetics and toiletries has long been banned in the UK, and as of March 2013, the sale of cosmetics whose ingredients have been tested on animals has also been banned across the European Union – a huge step forward.” Unfortunately, in some countries – China, for example – it’s compulsory for any company that sells cosmetics to pay for its products to be tested on animals. This means that some businesses that were cruelty-free for years have turned their backs on their ethical policies and started testing on animals in order to reach this lucrative market. Animals should be treated like this for human’s beauty
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