Debate Analysis: The God Delusion Debate

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Chong Marn Hoe
Fernando Chow
Lim Jee Yan, Amelia
Mr Adriel Wong
PHI 101
29 October 2014

The God Delusion Debate


For 'The God Delusion' debate analysis, Chong Marn Hoe and Fernando Chow chose to listen to Professor John Lennox. Chong Marn Hoe is a theist and is interested to see how someone who is intellectually more capable in defending his faith in a debate setting. This can widen his perspective on things and help him to think critically when challenged by others too. Fernando chose Professor John Lennox because he felt that his points were more interesting and would like to probe deeper into it. One notable strength that could be observed in Dr John Lennox is that he managed to present his arguments to each thesis presented in 'The God Delusion' with solid points. This can be seen throughout the debate when Dr John Lennox executed his arguments with conviction and strong points which challenged the thesis pointed out in 'The God Delusion'. In the first thesis, 'Faith is Blind, Science is Evidence Based', Professor
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Professor Richard Dawkins stated that 'morality comes from evolution'. Professor John Lennox was well prepared and stated that 'The very fact that an atheist can be good is not possible without a foundation. You cannot get ethics from science.' Morality cannot be derived from matter and energy through evolution as believed by Atheist. As a result, ethics would be crumbling without foundation as good and evil is not justified and accounted for. Professor John Lennox clearly shows here that it is not possible for atheist to derive their ethics from anywhere else besides God, the absolute moral giver. The fact that we have a common set of morality across humankind is in itself evidence that we are moral beings made in the image of our

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