Debbie Reynolds Research Paper

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The Life and Magic of Debbie Reynolds Debbie Reynolds, one of the movie industry’s leading actresses. Who we have tragically lost this past year in December. Being the inspiration she was, she had accomplished a lot in her lifetime. From small town beauty pageants in Utah to big time movies in Hollywood, this woman was one of the most respected and beloved actresses of her time, and still is today. This is only a minute accounting of her accomplishments and actions, but will most likely be the most remembered facts about her. She was a wonderful actress, mother, humanitarian, and role model. Memories, movies, and tragedy, this is the story of the actress Debbie Reynolds. Marry Frances “Debbie” Reynolds was born to Maxine Harmon and Raymond…show more content…
Reynolds was a collector of movie memorabilia. She owned so much movie memorabilia that in 1993 she forms the Hollywood Motion Picture & Television Museum group, although the museum never opens its doors in her lifetime, her son plans on opening the museum in memory of her later this year. Over the years she had collected many pieces, including Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin’s famous bowler hat and Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress from the subway scene in The Seven Year Itch. But sadly, all good things must end, in the 1970’s Reynolds hit a rough patch in financing, forcing her to auction off some parts of her prized collection just to make ends meet for her and her family. 3 In the end of the grand scheme of her life, Debbie Reynolds was an amazing actress as well as a mother of two, role model of many and a star humanitarian. She loved everything movie related, making her want and flourish in the career that has made her so successful in life. A small town beauty pageant led her to staring in her fifty plus movies, to her becoming the woman we all adore today. Her wicked sense of humor along with amazing talent made her remain untouchable among the other actresses and actors. “I gave it all I had, and it’s gratifying that others seem to be receiving it so well.” ~Debbie
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