Debi Laszewski Research Paper

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Debi Laszewski is one of the few people in the fitness industry has more than 25 years of experiences. She is American fitness professional born on Sept 29th, 1969. She was inspired by Lind Hamilton physique in terminator movie and started lifting a weight at the age of 20. She tasted her success at the age of 24 in Natural Show. According to Debi, her biggest movement was winning the 3rd in 1998, NPC USA competition and always cherishes that moment. However, as an athlete, she faced the cruel side of competition. In 2000 USA competitions, a judge gave a decision against her dream of becoming a Pro. She was shocked and stunned, slowly fainted away from the mainstream and nearly gave up her professional between 2001 - 2005. It 's a fact that every downside gets its upside. She bounces back to professional weightlifting in 2005, came 3rd in USA competition after a dubious decision. After this, there is no turn backward for her and won titles in various competitions. Currently, she ranked third in the fitness world, for her dedication and continuous improvement to increase the bar of the bodybuilding industry.…show more content…
She offers customized training for individual demands and maintaining the harmony between physical, emotional and mental well-being. Debi 's husband is her nutritionist and designed a diet course with natural hormone
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